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ADI-R Training


 Autistic Spectrum Disorders Special Interest Group

and  Learning and Disabilities Special Interest Group


ADI-R Training


Venue: PSI Offices, Floor 2, Grantham House, Grantham Street, Dublin 8
Date: 10th-12th March 

Duration: 9.00 – 5.00pm (9 registration, 9.30am start)
CPD: 4 per day, total 12


This is a three-day course covering the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R). The ADI-R is an extended interview with a parent or caregiver who is familiar with both the developmental history and the current day-to-day behaviour of the child or patient being assessed.

The course is run by Dr Carol Stott, a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol), Chartered Scientist (CSci), and a member of the British Psychological Society. Carol trained in administration and coding in the ADOS and ADI-R to Research Reliability at the University of Cambridge in 1999. Following accreditation, Carol used both instruments in research projects at the University of Cambridge Department of Psychiatry over several years. In 2004, Carol trained at the University of Michigan Autism & Communication Disorders Center (UMACC) as an ADOS and ADI-R trainer. Since that time she has delivered ADOS and ADI-R training regularly in the UK and overseas.

Who is it for?
The course is suitable for clinicians with a background in psychiatry, paediatrics, psychology, nursing, speech therapy or similar. Prior experience of the ADI-R is not necessary.

Learning outcomes: What will I learn?
The ADI-R is a detailed parent/caregiver interview covering early developmental history together with current and early behavioural presentation. The interview covers each area of the autism triad – communication, reciprocal social interaction and repetitive/stereotyped behaviour. Delegates learn to administer the interview and to code the reported behaviours.

Benefits: What will be the impact of my learning on my practice and my workplace? 
On completion of the course, delegates will be equipped to administer and code the ADI-R in clinical practice. They will be able to generate an ADI-R classification as a contribution to diagnosis.

Methods of teaching and form of the event
Before the course, delegates receive reading suggestions and a short pre-course assignment based on an online video. The purpose of the activity is to familiarise with the general process of administering an ADI-R and to highlight some of the behaviours that need to be noted when interviewing and coding.

On the course delegates will experience a mix of presentations and practical activities based on videos of ADI-R interviews and ADOS-2 administrations.
Throughout the course there are ample opportunities for questions and discussion.

Refund/Cancellation policy: Two weeks notice prior event for a full refund


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