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An Emotion Focused Approach to Resolving Emotional Injuries: Forgiveness and Letting Go

The Division of Counselling Psychology and Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, Trinity College Dublin

Venue: Trinity College Dublin (TBC)
the Synge Theatre, Arts Building, TCD (accessible from Nassau Street; and from the main campus) 
Time and date: 7.30pm-9pm, Thursday 23rd March 2017
1 CPD Credit

Students €20
PSI members €25
Non-members €35

Presented by Dr. Leslie Greenberg, primary originator and developer of Emotion-Focused Therapy

Who is it for?

  • The lecture is principally aimed at Psychologists, Psychotherapists/Counsellors; and students of these professions, though may also be of interest to a wider audience. It will be of interest both to participants familiar with and unfamiliar with Emotion-Focused Therapy


  • The lecture should be of interest and relevance to all those working therapeutically with individuals, couples or families.
  • Emotional injuries are often at the heart of interpersonal or relational conflict; this lecture will offer insight into the nature of such emotional injuries as well as articulating principles of working both with emotion generally and with emotional injuries specifically.

Programme outline and form of the event

This lecture will present an emotion-focused approach to resolving emotional injuries. Different types of emotional injuries and primary therapeutic interventions will be presented. Three major processes of resolution will also be discussed. Holding the other accountable, letting go, and forgiving. The importance of accessing and working through emotions related to the injury will be emphasized. Principles of working with emotion will be discussed and demonstrated using video-tapes. The therapeutic tasks of exploring the impact of the injury, processing the pain, changing representations of self and other in adaptive ways, and of accessing compassion and empathy for self and injurer will be explored. Steps of an empirically - supported set of interventions for facilitating the process of resolution in both individual and couple therapy will be discussed. The differences in the process of resolving injuries in individual and couples therapy will also be explored.


Dr. Leslie S. Greenberg, PhD. is Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus of Psychology at York University, Toronto, Canada, where he also directs the Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) training clinic. He is the primary originator and developer of EFT, and has published hundreds of research papers on the subject of working with emotion in psychotherapy. His most recent books include Emotion-Focused Therapy: Coaching Clients to Work Through Their Feelings (2015), and with Rhonda Goldman, Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy: The Dynamics of Emotion, Love, and Power (2008). Dr. Greenberg has received the Distinguished Research Career Award of the International Society for Psychotherapy Research, as well as the Carl Rogers Award and the Award for Distinguished Professional Contribution to Applied Research from the American Psychological Association.


  • Greenberg, L. S.& Goldman, R. N. (2008). Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy: The Dynamics of Emotion, Love, and Power, Washington: APA Books.
  • Greenberg, L. S. (2002). Emotion-focused therapy: Coaching clients to work through their feelings. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.


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Trinity College Dublin, The Synge Theatre, Arts Bulding


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