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Social Media Standards (SMS) Training: Get the message

Venue: PSI Offices, Floor 2, Grantham House, Grantham Street, Dublin 8
Date/Time: 3rd March 2017 9.30-17.15
PSI members: 90 EUR
Non PSI members: 120 EUR

Learn how to use Social Media to promote and expand your personal and professional development in the psychological field. With social media being a current communication phenomenon reaching many platforms and audiences, find out how you can reach your target audience by journeying through the power of blogging, online marketing, and virtual networking. In today's ever evolving world, learn how to keep up in this competitive field by boosting your knowledge on favorable social networking sites (SNS) and online design, while keeping a professional touch.

Who is it for?
Psychologists and other health and social care professionals who would like to start promoting their professional profiles online though social media

9.30-11.00 –

▪ Introduction to Social Media & Social Networking Sites (SNS)
▪ Self-awareness on Social Media
▪ Misconceptions of Social Media - Fear of the unknown/uncertainty

Coffee break

11.15-13.00 –
▪ Different types of SNSs available - Facts, statistics, pros and cons, specialisation for participants & SNS targeting - How to target specific demographics
▪ Privacy settings and Risks - Understanding the regulations of different social media sites
▪ What is good SNS advertisement e.g. LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook

Lunch break

14.00-15.30 –
▪ Your online presence - How to promote yourself
▪ Reaching your population - Making your ideas widespread, or finding networking opportunities, managing and scheduling posts
▪ Starting up a blog page – Design and widget use

Coffee break

15.45-17.15 –
▪ How to build and sustain a professional image online (do’s and no’s of online posting)
▪ Branding and ethics of online branding - How to maintain good image and adhere to CVI guidelines
▪ Useful tools e.g. and Google analytics for managing and tracing your page visits/links
▪ Conclusion and Recap, cover any remaining concerns

Does it require preparation/previous experience?
Participants may find it useful to bring their own laptop to follow steps, but handouts will also be provided. No previous knowledge on Social Media Use is necessary, however, it would be beneficial if the participants have experience with personal use of SNS’s e.g. Facebook or Twitter.

Chloé Beatty and Benedikt Ricny are both qualified psychology trainers with experience in delivering workshops on a wide range of soft skill topics, including creative thinking, conflict resolution in the workplace, motivation and team building, presentation skills, and effective communication. Social Media Use is a topic of interest for both trainers as they have experience working with international psychology teams around Europe through various SNS platforms, and as a result have had a great deal of exposure to virtual work teams and the effectiveness of each platform used. While Chloé is conducting PhD research in the area of Cyberpsychology and child development, Benedict has worked in various areas of online marketing and creating online events for European teams, and is currently completing his second Master’s Degree in UCD.


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