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A Compassionate Approach to Building Resilience in Therapists

Venue: Regency Hotel, Swords Road, Drumcondra, Dublin  
Date: Friday 9th June
Time: 09.00am -17.00
4 Learning Credits 

Fees: €120 non-members €100 ICP members, €80 CBPI/Students Members

Dr Mary Welford: D.Clin.PSy, BSc. Applied Psychology

Rationale for Event:
As therapists we are really unusual. We choose to spend our time, day in day out, engaging with the emotional suffering of others with the aim of alleviating their distress. This has an impact on us. If we look after our wellbeing, and feel we have skills that will be of assistance, we can feel very privileged to do the job we do. Our wellbeing is good.

Unfortunately busy lives and work pressures often mean that we do not look after ourselves to the extent that we should. In addition, sometimes we feel we just do not have the skills or approach to assist the people we see. Our wellbeing suffers.

Teaching Objectives:

  • Learn what compassion is (and isn’t)

  • Consider why Compassion is a helpful motivator

  • Appreciate the benefits of developing your Compassionate Self

  • Understand the experiences and factors that influence us

  • Learn how to use this knowledge for the benefit of yourself & others

The Workshop will include:

  • Interactive teaching

  • Practical exercises

  • Group discussions

Proposed Number of Attendees: Attendees will be made up of CBT therapist, doctors, nurses and some psychologist (unsure of how many Psychologists).
Qualifications and prior experience necessary:

  • Individuals interested in developing their own resilience and that of others

  • Be of interest to those who wish to have a brief introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy 

Outline of Psychological Content:
This workshop will aim to enhance psychological resilience in delegates by building a compassionate relationship with themselves and addressing shame and self-criticism. Individuals will have direct experience of applying Compassion Focused methods to their own lives and a secondary outcome will be a greater understanding of how they may use it within their teams and with their clients.

Outline of Relevant Empirical Support/ Evidence base for this activity:
Publications by Mary Welford:
Compassion Focused Therapy for Dummies (2016), John Wiley & Sons, Chicester, Sussex
The Power of Self-Compassion: Using Compassion-Focused Therapy to End Self-Criticism and Build Self-Confidence (2013), New Harbinger Publications
The Compassionate Mind Approach to Building Confidence Using Compassion Focused Therapy (2012), Constable and Robertson, LTD. London

To register for this event fill in the application form attached and email

Refund/Cancellation policy: 
The registration fee will be refunded minus a €15 administration charge


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