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Psychology Matters Day 2017



The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) is launching Psychology Matters Day on 13 May 2017, by holding a range of free public talks on the Saturday afternoon in Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway.

There will be two venues in Dublin – the Dublin Business School (DBS) and Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT). University College Cork (UCC) is the venue for the Cork talks, with the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) being the Galway venue. University of Limerick (UL) will be the venue for the Limerick talks.

The aim of Psychology Matters Day is to promote psychology by making it accessible at a public level. Psychology plays an important part in various aspects of our lives so the talks will focus on topics such as parenting, romantic relationships, anxiety, suicide prevention, and sports psychology.

Dublin Business School (Aungier Street)
2.00pm: Welcome from Anne Davis
2.05pm: ''Fifty Shades of Grey: The light and dark sides of online romance'' Nicola Fox Hamilton
2.30pm: ''Turning away from suicide: The story of a teenage girl who chose to live'' Eoin Galavan
2.55pm: ''Transitioning to parenthood'' Helen Shanley
3.20pm: ''Not just child's play: How video games can give us all superhero abilities and make us feel like we are flying'' Derek Laffan
3.45pm: ''What to do when you're feeling blue - during pregnancy and following child birth'' Aoife Menton
4.10pm: ''Anxiety: A myth stuck in a timewarp'' Alison Clarke
4.35pm: Closing words from Anne Davis

Dublin - IADT
Room number/Name: A025 (Atrium building)
1.30pm: Welcome from Vincent McDarby
1.35pm: ''The good, the bad and the reality – Taking the sweetness out of unhealthy food and drink advertising to children'' Fionna McDarby
2.00pm: ''What can athletes stories' of depression teach us about our own mental health?'' Steve Doherty
2.25pm: ''Virtual Reality in Psychology'' Grainne Kirwan
2.50pm: ''Psychology and the Digital Health Revolution'' Ellen Brady
3.15pm: ''Building resilience for life: lessons from elite athletes'' Olivia Hurley
3.40pm: Closing words from Vincent McDarby

Cork - UCC
Room number/Name: Western Gate Building Room – G.01
2pm Welcome from Terri Morrissey

2.05pm: ''Grit and resilience''  Dermot Casey
2.30pm: ''Smarter sleep'' Marianne Wall
2.55pm: ''What do new-borns really know? - Exploring the mind of an infant'' Audrey Dunn-Galvin
3.20pm: ''Sex offenders: Out in the community but not ‘in with’ the community!'' Mary Walker
3.45pm: ''From Pavlov to Snapchat- Why we are so addicted to our smartphones and social media'' Jane Leonard
4.10pm Closing words from Terri Morrissey

Limerick - UL
Room number/Name: UL Medical School GEMS0-016 (ground floor of the building)
2pm Welcome from Tadhg MacIntyre

2.05pm: ''Why do you do what you do? Advice for achieving your goals'' Rachel Clancy
2.30pm: ''How to become an expert performer?'' Dr Mark Campbell
2.55pm: ''Going outdoors: Green exercise for well-being'' Dr Tadhg MacIntyre
3.20pm: ''Challenging mental health stigma in sport'' Jessie Barr
3.45pm Closing words Tadhg MacIntyre

Galway - NUIG
Room number/Name: NUIG Arts Millennium Building (Room AM250 - O’Heocha Theatre)
2pm Welcome from Brendan O' Connell

2.05pm: ''We need to be mindful about mindfulness'' Chris Noone
2.30pm: ''Just two more bites'' Hazel Wolstenholme
2.55pm: ''Call to arms – why do young people join terrorist groups and is there a way of stopping them?'' Sarah Carthy
3.20pm: ''Children in pain – why don’t their parents know about it?'' Siobhán O'Higgins
3.45pm: ''What to do when the shadow-man comes to you in the middle of the night and sits on your chest?'' Jonathan Egan
4.10pm: ‘’The universal phenomenon of intrusive thoughts: "But I don't have OCD?’’ Soraya Matthews
4.35pm: Closing words from Brendan O' Connell



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