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The Psychological Society of Ireland,
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Coaching and transformative learning: questioning assumptions and habits of mind


Venue: PSI Offices, Floor 2, Grantham House, Grantham Street, Dublin 8
Date: 17th June
Time: 11.00am - 2.00pm 
Learning Credits: 3

Coaching psychology as it is perceived and practiced, has developed to a point where it is likely that practitioners have formed certain assumptions regarding its value and their developing identity as coaches. Becoming aware of assumptions is difficult, since they are intrinsic to who we are or who we perceive we are and are frequently unquestioned and enexamined. The presentation will advocate for the importance of critical self-reflection on assumptions about coaching psychology as a key aspect of transformative learning for coaches.

Who is it for?
Coaching psychologists; coaches; those with an interest in critical self-reflection in professional learning.

Learning outcomes:
Learning outcomes will include increased awareness regarding the power of assumptions underlying coaching practice and self-identity as a coach; the importance of critical self-reflection on one’s assumptions; the need to engage with others in peer-supported learning and supervision as an appropriate process for critical self-reflection on assumptions and habits of mind regarding coaching.

The primary expected benefits arising from the presentation will be increased self-awareness regarding the existence and influence of unquestioned assumptions and habits of mind, and their often profound influences on coaching and professional practice and sense of self in the helping relationship; increased appreciation regarding the importance of considering the assumptions about self, frequently brought by coachees into the coaching space; increased appreciation regarding the influence of unexamined assumptions on group and team processes in organisations.

Speaker: Martin O'Connor
Worked as Clinical Psychologist up to 2010 in services for children/adults with intellectual disabilities/Autism Spectrum Disorder; Clinical Manager of service for children and families 2010-2015; completed Masters in Applied Psychology (Coaching Psychology) UCC (2013-2015); self-employed since 2015; lecturing on Masters in Coaching Psychology, UCC; lecturing on Clinical Psychology doctorate programme, UCC; lecturing in Mary Immaculate College of Education, Limerick; providing supervision within coaching frameworks to Psychologists and Project Managers employed in health services; providing training to Early Intervention and School-age teams (disability); coaching group supervision and one-to-one coaching; member of PSI; CPG; AC; and Registered Analytic-Network Coach.


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