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Professional Certification of Competence in Educational Testing

Venue: Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast
Date: 18th & 19th October 2017
Time: 9am -5:30pm
Learning Credits: 12

Fees: £1,600 (10% discount to PSI members)

Educational/Professional Development Aims of Course:

To increase and ensure the competence and professional standard of those administering, interpreting and reporting on standardised educational tests. This course is accredited by the British psychological Society (BPS) and will provide participants with necessary background and skills needed to competently and confidently work with standardised educational tests.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • Accuracy and competence administering ability and attainment tests to candidates
  • Understand the assessment process and that tests are only a small part of it
  • Competency scoring different arrays of tests
  • Knowledge and competence applying data protection principles to testing, consent and holding personal information
  • Appropriately interpret test scores taking into account the error around the scores
  • Be able to critique and analyse properties of different tests enabling the appropriate selection of tests for use
  • Demonstrate competence and knowledge in interpreting tests results in light of reliability, validity of test
  • Competently and confidently provide written and oral feedback on test results to others
  • Understand the dominant theory of intelligence and how this has shaped test development

Assessment methods:

MCQ’s, written work, video presentations, report writing.
All work is assessed to the standards of the British Psychological Society (course accredited by them)

Qualifications and prior experience necessary:
None. Though some experience with standardised assessment tools is useful.

Relevant recent developments in the area being covered by the course:

  • New educational tests on market (e.g. SPaRCS)
  • CHC theory
  • Guidance from ITC on standardisation of tests (e.g. numbers of 200 necessary for standardisation groups)
  • Data Protection laws
  • All other developments are not new (e.g. psychometric data and basic norming and standardisation principals) Etc.

Outline of Relevant Empirical Support/ Evidence base for this activity:

  • Psychometric principles
  • CHC theory
  • Classical test theory
  • All of the curriculum of this course as well as the assessment methods have been verified by the British Psychological Society

Rebecca Good - Chartered Psychol PSI
Dr. Kate James - Chartered Psychol PSI 

Method of Event Evaluation:

Questionnaire before and after course with self evaluation of knowledge and learning across a number of different areas including mathematical and statistical concepts, reliability and validity, interpretation of scores, test administration etc

£1,600 (10% discount to PSI members)
Book here:

Full refund with 2 months notice. 50%refund with 1-2 months. No refund if less than 1 month.


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