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The Inner Camino Training Series

Venue: Psychological Society of Ireland, Second Floor, Grantham House, Grantham Street, Dublin 8.
Dates: Introductory weekend ‐ Thursday 2nd Nov. and Friday 3rd Nov. 2017
Time: 9.30am to 5‐00 pm
Learning Credits: 8

Fees: (€230 for early booking by July 17th 2017)
‐ Module 1 ‐ Thursday 18th and Friday 19th January 2018
(€230 for early booking December 10th 2017)
‐ Module 2 ‐ Thursday 10th and Friday 11th May 2018
(€230 for early booking by Feb 17th 2018)
€260 per weekend i.e. €130 per day

Walking the Inner Camino – The Path to Inner Peace

Are you interested in stepping out and embarking on an exciting new personal journey? Do you want to enhance your personal and professional skills and awareness, with people who have also signed up for the adventure? Would you like to learn skills to bring about change in your life, and also to be able to facilitate others to do the same, whether as a manager, health care professional or in your own family systems?

The remit of the Inner Camino is to bring us to the place from where we can truly change our consciousness in order to approach existing problems in an entirely new way. In this way we can incisively challenge old scripts and stories, stuck habits, unhelpful relationship patterns, hidden tensions or conflicts, and address impasses in our lives. Each module builds on the one before helping us to develop the capacity for a new way of looking at our lives, and the energy for making changes. The first year allows you to dip into weekend workshops, to test the water and to see if this training is for you.

The course is built on a core thread that combines psychological principles and spiritual wisdom. Through a daily practice and exercises we learn to discover vital insights. On these early days we discover how to reliably access intuition, those spiritual moments of ‘aha’, in order to live more fully out of our deepest potential. Once you know how to work with such a perspective you will be able to solve many issues with greater compassion and wisdom for self and others. In this training we will address all areas of personal, relationship and professional development, starting with working on ourselves to deepening our relationships and finally how to be in, and facilitate, groups. Due to the relatively small size of the group we will tailor make the series so as to be suitable for individuals who wish to understand, and gain skills in dealing with the complex dynamics that arise in our lives of work and relationship. The skills learned can be brought into and applied to family, community, the voluntary and NGO sector, and therapeutic workplace.

Philosophy of the Inner Camino Training Series 
The Inner Camino Training Series (see www.inner‐ is a synthesis of eastern spiritual practice and western psychological principles. The series offers a simple but radical method to approach your personal and professional lives from an entirely different and unhooked perspective. It was Einstein who proposed that in order to solve problems we need to change our consciousness from the one that created these problems in the first place. Sara and Jill introduce language and new windows of perception to be able to work with ordinary situations with ‘extra‐ordinary’ awareness.

Sara Hollwey (Reg.Psychol.P.S.I; MIAHIP; MIACP; Dipl.PW) is a clinical psychologist running Personal & Professional Development training in the School of Psychology at University College Dublin. She has a private practice with individuals, couples, families and groups, and trains and supervises with Camino curriculum.

Jill Brierley (UKCP; Dipl.PW; Accredited EMDR practitioner, ret.) worked in private practice for 20 years with individuals, couples and groups. Jill now trains and supervises students studying with the Camino curriculum.

Please contact Helen O’Connell at for further information and bookings.


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