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Emotion-Focused Therapy for Social Anxiety

A two-day workshop with Prof. Robert Elliott, PhD

Venue: TBC Location Dublin
Date:23rd & 24th September
Time: 9.30-5pm
Learning Credits: 8

Fee: €350 (€300 early bird bookings made before 31/07/2017)

Training is open to counselling/clinical psychologists and accredited psychotherapists/counsellors
The workshop will be aimed at practitioners with EFT training, but also at practitioners not trained in EFT.

Emotion Focused Therapy
Is an empirically-supported humanistic therapy that follows in the tradition of Person-Centered and Gestalt psychotherapy, whilst also drawing on contemporary findings from affective neuroscience and research into emotional change processes in therapy. There is increasing empirical support for the idea that emotion at its core is an innate and adaptive system that has evolved to help us survive and thrive. EFT seeks to activate this innate, adaptive potential in order to help clients transform problematic, painful or stuck emotional states. Recent years have seen an increase in the popularity of EFT, as well as growing research support for its efficacy with a wide variety of problems, including depression, trauma, eating disorders and anxiety.


Social anxiety is a common, disabling difficulty characterized by persistent fear of other people. Recent research indicates that EFT may be particularly well suited to working with clients who present with this difficulty. In this workshop, we will present an EFT theory of SA. We will describe its developmental origins in social experiences which result in primary emotional processes organized around a core sense of a shame-ridden defective self. We will explore how these emotional processes in turn give rise to secondary reactive anxiety that others will see my defectiveness, organized around a coach/critic/guarding aspect of self that, in the process of trying to keep me safe from exposure, inadvertently generates the emotional dysregulation characteristic of SA. Over the course of the workshop we will also present a model (demonstrated by case examples) for working with SA via an emotional deepening process that begins with accessing secondary reactive anxiety of others in particular situations and then works backwards to accessing and activating primary maladaptive shame so that this emotion scheme can be restructured within a secure, accepting therapy relationship. We will talk about how such processes lead to less self-criticism, to more self-compassion and self-soothing and to a more favourable perception of the self. The workshop will consist of lectures supported by case examples, video demonstrations, and experiential exercises.

Robert Elliott is one of the originators of EFT. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from UCLA in 1978. He taught at the University of Toledo 1978-2006, where he is now Professor Emeritus of Psychology. He is a past President of the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR), past co-editor of Psychotherapy Research and Person-Centered Counseling and Psychotherapy; and co-author of two books on EFT, Facilitating emotional change and Learning Emotion-Focused Therapy, the Process-Experiential Approach to Change. He has written more than 150 journal articles and book chapters. He has received the Carl Rogers Award for Contributions to Humanistic Psychology from the American Psychological Association, as well as the Distinguished Career Award from SPR. He currently teaches psychotherapy at Strathclyde University, Glasgow where he has been researching the application of EFT to the treatment of Social Anxiety.

Early bird rate applies when full fee is paid before 31/07/2017. No refund will be given without one week’s notice.

For all enquiries and bookings, please contact:

The Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy Ireland is an accredited isEFT institute



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