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SIGMAC Committee 2012/13 Biographies

Brendan Rooney
holds a Ph. D. from University College Dublin and lectures on the M. Sc. in Cyberpsychology, as well as the undergraduate B. Sc. (Hons) in Applied Psychology at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology. He currently sits on the PSI Council and its Communications sub-group. Brendan’s research interests include the psychological processes of cognitive and emotional engagement with film and other kinds of virtual or fictional worlds.


Nicola Fox Hamilton has come into academia after more than a decade working in visual communications and advertising in both Ireland and the United States. Her M. Sc. Cyberpsychology thesis investigated cultural personality traits in online dating profiles, and the effect of culture on attraction. She is about to undertake Ph. D. research in Wolverhampton University. Her research interests are online dating and attraction, personality and cross cultural differences, and language analysis.


Vincent Mc Darby holds a B. A. in Psychology and an M. Sc. in Health Psychology from NUI Galway, as well as a Diploma in Professional Psychology (Clinical) from the PSI. Having worked as a Clinical Psychologist in Ireland and New Zealand in areas including risk assessment, child development and cardiac rehabilitation he currently works as Senior Clinical Psychologist with Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin and as Principal Clinical Psychologist with the National Children’s Research Centre. He is also currently undertaking Ph. D. research in Psychology at Trinity College Dublin, part of which is investigating the use of social network sites in increasing medical regimen adherence in adolescents.


Liam Challenor graduated from his degree in Psychology Applied to IT in 2011 and is currently conducting a Master’s of Science by research in IADT, the title of his research is – Persuasion and Attitudes; Advertising and Captology influence on attitudes and behavioural intent towards gay men, lesbians and same-sex marriage. His research interests are cyberpsychology, social psychology and equality studies. Liam is also the Vice-MR for EFPSA as part of his duties for the Student Affairs Group (SAG) of PSI. Liam hopes to pursue a career in research and lecturing.


Dean McDonnell graduated from his undergraduate degree in Psychology Applied to Information Technology in 2010 and has completed his M. Sc. in CyberPsychology in May 2012. His M. Sc. research involved looking into the perceptions of both Irish and International therapists towards using a computerised support for therapy. This involved researching into topics such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and various aspects of healthcare. Dean is an acting coordinator for the School Completion Programme, working with disadvantaged primary and secondary school students, and also works with the Telemental Health Institute promoting the ethical practice of online mental health treatment.


David Hayes graduated from UCD this year with a B. A. International in Psychology. His undergraduate thesis examined the effects of video games on players' self-esteem. His research interests include video games, cyber-bullying, and the effectiveness of online therapies.


Fiona Boyd graduated from University College Dublin in 2012 with a B. A. (International) in Psychology. Her undergraduate thesis investigated the relationships between different types of video games, creativity, mood and arousal. She hopes to continue exploring her interests in creativity, social and developmental psychology.


Stephen Doherty, BA, HDip, PhD, MBPsS, is a post-doctoral researcher in Dublin City University. He conducts research on topics of language and cognition, human-computer interaction, and video games/Internet. His PhD and subsequent post-doctoral research was funded by Science Foundation Ireland and examined the reading and comprehension of machine-translated content using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods, including eye tracking, retrospection, and recall. His publications include several published peer-reviewed journal articles and many national and international conferences, he also serves on the editorial committee for several international journals. In 2012, he founded the Under Thirty project, a non-profit social enterprise that nurtures and showcases young writers.


Susan Dunne holds a B. Sc. in Psychology and an M. A. in Social and Organisational Psychology (main area of research - the effects of Emotional Labour and Emotional Intelligence on Customer Service). She is an experienced surrealist artist and part-time writer. Areas of interest include the Psychology of Creativity and the social consequences of the Cyber World.


Elizabeth Quinn holds a B. A. in Psychology, M. A. in Cognitive Science, M. Sc. in Occupational Psychology , and an M. Phil. by research funded by Hewlett Packard on the introduction of ICTs to schools in disadvantaged areas of Dublin. Currently, Elizabeth is investigating future Ph. D. options and areas. Her main research interests are in the use of Cultural Historical Activity Theory as a framework for research and design, human-computer interaction, technology in education, and online learning. Other interests are lactation psychology, volunteering, chronic pain, sleep and fatigue.

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