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Special Interest Group in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health



Welcome to the webpage of the Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Special Interest Group (PIMHSIG).


The PIMHSIG was established within the PSI in November 2014 in response to the lack of perinatal and infant mental health psychology services within Ireland, when compared to our international colleagues. 



The mission of the PIMHSIG is to foster the theoretical, applied and professional development of perinatal and infant psychology as a specialist field within mental health.

The PIMHSIG aims to promote clinical practice, education and research regarding the health and development of parents and infants from conception and pregnancy through to five years postpartum, within both the discipline of Psychology in addition to interdisciplinary cooperation with other medical and allied health professions.

Psychologists working clinically or in research or who have an interest in the perinatal field are invited to become members and participate in the activities offered by PIMHSIG. Student membership and participation is also welcome.

The mission of the PIMHSIG will be realised through the organisation of talks, workshops and symposia, through international and interdisciplinary cooperation. The PIMHSIG will liaise with universities in order to promote research opportunities and further develop evidence-based practices. Finally, the PIMHSIG will also endeavour to disseminate accurate and evidence-based information to medical professionals, allied health professionals and the general public regarding the perinatal period and early infancy.


Aims of the PIMHSIG

  • To promote research and practice related to the psychology of parents, infants, and families during the perinatal period and within the infant’s first five years of life.

  • To provide opportunities for training and professional development in the area of perinatal and infant psychology.

  • To provide forums for discussion, information sharing and professional support.

  • To promote awareness of the field of perinatal and infant psychology on a broader societal level.

  • To provide informed advice to the PSI on matters related to psychological practice within this specialist area.

  • To inform policy and service development at a national level.


PIMHSIG Committee 2015

Dr. Aoife Menton D Psych Sc, PhD, Reg. Psychol., Ps.S.I

Job title and place of work: Senior Clinical Psychologist, Enable Ireland

Professional Interests: Perinatal and infant mental health; parent infant psychotherapy; attachment; parenting; early intervention.

Close to heart issue(s) (with regard to the PIMHSIG:)
I am passionate about the promotion of Perinatal and Infant Mental Health within the discipline of Psychology and the wider health services in Ireland.

Dr. Claire Crowe

Vice Chairperson

Job title and place of work: Senior Paediatric Clinical Psychologist, The Adelaide and Meath Hospital, incorporating The National Children’s Hospital, Tallaght.

Current professional interests: I work with children who present with metabolic disorders at birth or later in childhood, who strive to reach the normal developmental milestones of infancy and childhood despite ill-health, hospitalizations, and the rigours of intensive and invasive medical regimes. I work within the context of the parent-child relationship to strengthen parental capacity while promoting both an understanding of the needs of infants and children and their parents' unique ability to meet those needs.

Close to heart issue(s) (with regard to PIMHSIG):
I was a member of the Infant Mental Health Network Group in North Cork from 2013 – 2015, and my work in CAMHS was hugely influenced by the Infant Mental Health Perspectives. I lectured in University College Cork on Infant Mental Health and made presentations on Infant Mental Health and Trauma to psychology colleagues working in the HSE. I am currently a member of the Irish Association for Infant Mental Health and a member of the Young Ballymun Infant Mental Health Group.

Dr. Nicola Lally


Job title and place of work: Senior Clinical Psychologist, North Cork Primary Care Psychology Services- Child & Family (HSE South)

Current professional interests: My current areas of interest are childhood trauma, attachment theory & practice, perinatal & infant mental health, and paediatric health psychology. I currently work with children and their families in a primary care setting (0- 18th birthday), which incorporates therapeutic work with parents, babies & toddlers using an Infant Mental Health and Reflective Practice framework. I receive supervision from an IMH Specialist & Consultant and I am currently building my competencies to become an Infant Mental Health Specialist in line with the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health endorsement process. I am a member and facilitator of one of the three inter- disciplinary IMH Network Groups in North Cork. I have lectured on perinatal and infant mental health locally and at university level. In addition to PIMHSIG, I am also on the Executive Committee of the Irish Association for Infant Mental Health.

Close to heart issue(s) (with regard to PIMHSIG):
I am passionate about communicating the message that early experiences matter, that pregnancy and infancy are critical periods for social- emotional development, and that emotional regulation is a public health issue

Dr. Yvonne Quinn


Job title and place of work/current professional interests: Senior Clinical Psychologist in Primary Care in Dublin South.

Her role involves supporting families and promoting wellbeing across the lifespan through the delivery of child, adult and family based interventions. She also has an interest in neurodevelopmental disorders.

Close to heart issue(s) (with regard to PIMHSIG):
Yvonne is particularly interested in supporting parents in the adjustment to parenting through education and awareness building and through the normalization of an adjustment process. She is also interested in early intervention with parents who experience postnatal depression and in particular in considering an infant mental health approach to these interventions.

Dr. Marian O’Flynn

Membership Officer

I work as a Senior Counselling Psychologist in HSE Primary Care in Dublin North City.

I am passionate about perinatal mental health. I am involved in delivering antenatal classes with a significant psychological content. I am involved in working with parent-infant dyads where the parent has mild-moderate psychological difficulties.

Barbara Western

Communications & PR Officer

Job title and place of work: I have spent over 20 years working and volunteering in organisations that support child and adult mental health including: Parent Support Services Society of BC, Vancouver Police Department Victim Services, Cluain Mhuire Service, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland and Support and Information Officer at Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services Ireland (AIMSI); Occasional Lecturer, UCD School of Nursing and Midwifery; Cuidiu Breastfeeding Counsellor; Prenatal and Hatha Yoga Instructor.

My current professional interests: are in the area of maternal and reproductive health and providing support and information to women and families who have experienced unsatisfactory and sometimes traumatic experiences in pregnancy, labour and birth.

Close to heart issues: I have a keen interest in the relationship between perinatal mental health difficulties, birth experience and attachment in the critical early years, specifically the effects on social-emotional development and maternal well being across the lifespan.

Dr. Anne Keogh

Ordinary Member

Job title and place of work/current professional interests: Clinical Psychologist, Linn Dara Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, Dublin 10 (HSE Dublin Mid-Leinster).

Professional Interests:
My professional interests include child and adolescent mental health, attachment, perinatal and infant mental health, family therapy and early intervention.

Close to heart issue(s) (with regard to PIMHSIG):
I believe the promotion of parental and perinatal mental health is extremely important given the critical window that exists in a child’s early life to promote social and emotional development. The provision of service to families who may have difficulties is extremely important so that every child can have the best start.

Helen Shanley

Ordinary Member

Job title and place of work: Registered Psychologist I currently work primarily in private practice.

Close to heart issue(s) (with regard to PIMHSIG):

I have experience working in Europe with women presenting with antenatal anxiety and depression; PTSD and adjustment following emergency section; unprocessed perinatal loss and impact on following pregnancies; birth and postpartum period; parent-infant triade; attachment and early attunement intervention; maternal and paternal adjustment in the early post partum period; paternal postnatal depression and infant mental health.

Name: Dr. Síle Murphy

Ordinary Member

Job title and place of work: Clinical Psychologist, Adult Mental Health Service, HSE Kildare/West Wicklow

Current professional interests: Adult Mental Health, Perinatal and infant mental health, attachment, mentalization based treatment (MBT)

Current office held on committee: Ordinary Member

Close to heart issue(s) (with regard to PIMHSIG):
I believe early experiences, particularly our relationships with key caregivers, influence our social and emotional development. Parents and infants may need targeted interventions during this critical period to support the development of a secure attachment.



Membership of PIMHSIG

For full details of membership options and to download the membership application form please click here.

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