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Registration Process

1. What educational qualifications do I need to become a registered Work and Organisational Psychologist?
An accredited undergraduate degree in psychology and a PSI accredited or recognised Masters in work and organisational psychology.

2. What work experience do I need to become a registered Work and Organisational Psychologist?
To register you need four years in total, one year is the masters and the other three are work experience. There are three domains - Work, People and Organisation. DWOP has given an outline of the types and ranges of experience and development. This is to underpin your 3 years experience. The manual gives a full outline and breakdown of the domains. The purpose of this work is to give you a quality framework to benefit you and your supervisor in this endeavour. Click here to view the guidelines

3. What do I need to document and submit?
The registration guidelines give you a framework to think about the work experience. We recommend that you document the type of experience and number of days related to the experience. The depth of recording is between you and your supervisor. None of these workings are required by DWOP but we suggest you keep accurate records. A basic template has been designed to assist you in your tracking Click here to view the guidelines

4. How do I go about finding a supervisor?
There are a number of ways of doing this. Your course director from your Masters may have contacts who will supervise. Attending DWOP events are a good way of meeting registered psychologists and you could contact DWOP directly for assistance.

5. What experience/ qualifications are required for a supervisor?
A supervisor is required to be a PSI Registered Member and full member of DWOP. In terms of experience it may be useful if they have prior experience of supervision.

6. What do I do if I can’t find a supervisor in my place of work?

Again, possibly talk to your course director, DWOP or network groups.

7. What kind of paper work/ records is required?
Two applications forms should be submitted to PSI. One is for registration as a psychologist with the PSI, and the second is for full membership of DWOP. Both can be requested from PSI or downloaded from the website.

8. Where do I send the forms too?
All documentation is returned to PSI offices or via online applications.

9. Can the process be completed on-line?
This depends on the level of PSI membership you are applying for as some of the registration processes are available online; however, some paper applications are required as the Society requires original signatures.

10. Where and how can I check the status of my application?
You can follow up with the PSI office.

11. Do I have send in original exam certificates?
PSI will set out the guidance on this in the application form.

12. What do I do if my work experience is not directly relevant to the areas set out in the Registration guidelines?
Firstly, you could speak to a Supervisor to see if there is a possibility of redesigning to make it more relevant, but it may be possible you might have to change roles as you are looking for depth and progression over three years.

13. How long does the process of registration take?
The process takes four years, one year is your relevant Masters and the other three are supervised work experience.

14. How much does registration cost?

The cost is on the PSI application form.

15. Can I take into account experience from before I completed my Masters?

No, only experience gained after the Masters is considered relevant.

16. What do I have to do to maintain my registration when I get it?
As a Registered member you are subject to the rules and regulations of PSI. In the first instance CPD is a consideration and a CPD log has to be submitted every three years of the PSI CPD cycle.

17. If I am a Registered Work and Organisational Psychologist from another country, can I transfer that to the Ireland?

These can be assessed on a case by case basis; your first step is to open a dialogue with PSI on registration as a psychologist. Should PSI deem this possible then contact DWOP.

18. If I am a Registered Psychologist from another specialism, can I transfer that to Work and Organisational Psychology?

Yes, if you take a Masters in work and organisational psychology and get three years work experience, of course.

19. If I become a Registered Work and Organisational Psychologist with the PSI, does this give me the equivalent qualification to reach the BPS standards?
No, not at this time. There are no agreements in place at the moment with BPS.

20. How much will it cost to be supervised for this process?
DWOP does not issue guidelines or guidance on supervision costs. Supervision fees should be agreed with the supervisor as the start of the supervised training period.

21. If I am working as a sole trader, how do I get someone to sign off for my work?
Once your supervisor has satisfied themselves on the nature of your experience then that is sufficient.

22. If I am currently on a career break can I still apply for registration?
You are welcome to apply for registration once you have your Masters and work experience accrued. But if you are still progressing with your work experience, then you have to wait until you have met the requirements.

23. Will my details automatically be published on PSI website once I am registered?
No. This is a voluntary decision and PSI will ask your permission. Any queries on the PSI database should go to

24. What are the benefits of a registered membership?
As a registered psychologist you will be joining a professional society, and an active DWOP division. Registration is also a requirement for a number of academic and professional roles.

25. Is there anyone I can talk to about the process?
DWOP use both LinkedIn and Twitter so you are most welcome to post a question in an open forum or for an initial approach please send an email to the DWOP secretary and DWOP will get in touch with you.

26. Once registered, what letters can I use after my name?
Registered Psychologist of the Psychological Society of Ireland, Reg. Psychol., Ps.S.I. ;
Registered Work and Organisational Psychologist.

27. Who makes the decision about who can be registered?
All applications to PSI for registration go to the Membership, Qualifications and Registration Committee (MQRC) in PSI, then full membership of DWOP will be assessed by the DWOP committee.

28. Is the registered status recognised at a European/Global level? Can I then practice in other countries?
This will depend on the rules and regulations of the governing/ representative body of the country in which you wish to practice.

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