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Introducing PSI's new Special Interest Group in Psychosis and Bipolar Affective Disorder (SIGPB)

The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) is delighted to announce the establishment of a Special Interest Group in Psychosis and Bipolar Affective Disorder (SIGPB).

The SIGPB mission is to promote principles of recovery, social inclusion and best practice in psychological intervention and research for people who hear voices, experience hallucinations or altered states, hold unusual beliefs, experience changes in mood states or have difficulties in interpersonal relationships. We recognise also that the majority of people that we work with may have experienced traumatic events in childhood and as adults. The purpose of SIGPB is to provide a forum for psychologists and allied healthcare professionals to develop best practice in psychosis and bi-polar affective disorder intervention and promote research in the area of psychosis and bi-polar affective disorder.

The SIGPB aims to:

  • support clinicians working in the area to increase their competence and confidence in the area of psychosis intervention;
  • promote, support and disseminate research in the area of psychosis;
  • provide up-to-date information regarding psychosis to allied health professionals and the general public;
  • to transfer knowledge from experts to professionals working in the area;
  • to develop training and to consult with service providers.

The aims of the SIGPB will be realised through the organisation of talks, workshops and symposia, with international and interdisciplinary cooperation. The SIGPB also aims to provide opportunities for professionals to link and support each other in providing evidence-based practice in individual and group interventions. The SIGp will liaise with mental health services, allied health professionals and universities in order to promote research opportunities and to promote evidence-based practice.

Membership of the SIGPB will be open to all PSI members. Only PSI members may be elected to the SIGPB committee. Non-PSI members may be invited to attend specific events hosted by the SIGPB for an agreed fee.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the SIGPB please email 

The SIGPB will be hosting an inaugural meeting towards the end of April to elect the committee, to establish terms of reference, and to agree on the aims for the coming year.

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