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Special Interest Group in Autistic Spectrum Disorders


The Autistic Spectrum Disorders SIG was formed at the PSI Annual Conference in Westport in November 2001. Among its stated aims is the promotion of research related to ASD and awareness of the needs of people with an ASD. It is an inclusive active group with regular meetings, events, and contributions to the Annual Conference.


1. To provide a forum for members to share knowledge and skills, and to promote good professional training and practice with regard to working with those with an ASD.

2. To promote understanding and awareness of the needs of people with an ASD, their families and carers.

3. To promote research related to ASD’s and to disseminate findings.

4. To develop and respond to policy statements on matters relating to ASD’s.

Contact Details


or write to

The Psychological Society of Ireland
Floor 2,
Grantham House,
Grantham Street,
Dublin 2.

The Committee Members 2015

Chair: Sonia Morris (

Secretary: Anne O'Connor

Treasurer: Jacinta McComish

Ordinary Committee Members:

  • Christine Chapple
  • Louise Condon
  • Damien Connelly
  • Lorraine Crawley 
  • Paula Cummins
  • Mitchel Fleming 
  • Catherine Hallissey 
  • Davida Hartman
  • Rita Honan
  • Moira Kennedy 
  • Mark Latimer
  • Aoife Martin 
  • Anne O’Connor 
  • Miriam O'Donoghue 
  • Arthur O’Reilly
  • Aisling Whelan

Membership Information

The group is open to and welcomes all members of PSI.
The group is always interested in new members joining and adding to the group, as well as establishing links to further enhance the basis of professional psychological knowledge in the area of Autistic Spectrum Disorders. If you are interested in joining the group, have questions, or would like more information please contact us.

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