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The Psychological Society of Ireland,
Floor 2, Grantham House,
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If a member has been an Associate Fellow or Chartered Member for at least three consecutive years, he/she may be eligible for Fellowship of PSI.

An applicant/nominee for Fellowship shall in addition satisfy the Council that he/she has:

At least ten years professional experience in psychology, and either (a) has made a substantial contribution to the Society (b) he/she possesses superior knowledge and skills, or (c) he/she has made an important contribution to the advancement of psychological knowledge, or (d) he/she has made an important contribution to the advancement of the practice of psychology.

Nominations for Fellowship may be made to Council, where two Fellows, Associate Fellows and/or Chartered Members are of the opinion that another Associate Fellow or Chartered Member fulfills the conditions set out as above.

Fee:  There is no additional annual fee for achieving Fellowship status


Processing fee

A non-refundable processing fee of €150 applies to all applications for Fellowship.

Application Form


An application form for Fellowhip of the PSI is available to download in the download section of this page. 

Alternatively, you can begin your application process for Fellowship by completing the form below and making a payment online.

Upon payment of the processing fee you will receive an email receipt with the full application form attached. Please print and complete the attached application form and return to us as soon as possible.

Apply now

Processing Fee: €150.00

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