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The Psychological Society of Ireland,
Floor 2, Grantham House,
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Cover from day one for Psychologists

The PSI has negotiated with Omega Financial Management to provide
y-One income protection cover for our members. Income protection cover is an insurance policy that pays a replacement income if one is unable to work through illness, injury or disability.   Many insurers require that a period of time lapse before they will pay claims.  Omega Financial's Day One cover ensures that you can claim from the First Day of your inability to work period rather than having to wait. Download promotional brochure here or visit the section of the webiste dedicated to PSI psychologists: 

The PSI Group Scheme partner -

The PSI Group Scheme website is provided for Members as a benefit. provide hundreds of discounts to PSI Members, which means they have access to a wide range of savings on day-to-day items, covering numerous areas including: travel, health, finance, food. use their purchasing power to secure large discounts with well-known brands and retailers in order to secure savings for PSI Members.  For full details please click here

Professional Recognition

  • Whatever category of membership, psychologists will gain the professional recognition and respect associated with being a member of Ireland's only internationally recognised professional accreditation body for psychologists, The PSI.
  • For Registered Psychologists, there is the option of being listed on the PSI Register of Psychologists in Ireland 

Professional Networking

  • Automatic subscription to the monthly psychology magazine, "The Irish Psychologist"
  • Automatic subscription to the professional journal,"The Irish Journal of Psychology"  (except students)
  • Reduced fee for the PSI Annual Conference
  • Access to PSI Divisions’ events at reduced or even no rate
  • Access to ‘members’ only’ information and documents on the PSI website

CPD and other key benefits

  • Access to PSI approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events
  • Access to the suite of meeting, training and conference facilities at the PSI HQ

PSI Membership

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